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The Alabama “System of Care.”  This is one of the most successful child welfare reforms in the country. The reforms are the result of a consent decree growing out of a lawsuit brought by the Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law.
The consent decree requires the state to rebuild its entire system from the bottom up, with an emphasis on keeping families together. The rate at which children are taken from their homes is among the lowest in the country, and re-abuse of children left in their own homes has been cut to less than half the national average. 
The Bazelon Center also has published a book about the Alabama reforms.  Paul Vincent, Child Welfare Policy and Practice Group, Montgomery, Ala.  Mr. Vincent ran the child protection system in Alabama when the lawsuit was filed.  He worked closely with the plaintiffs to develop and implement the reform plan.

Multi-million-dollar lawsuit filed by three foster children
Saturday, April 28, 2007   By Susannah Frame
SEATTLE - Three young girls just filed a multi-million-dollar lawsuit against Washington State, saying CPS caseworkers didn't work hard enough to get them out of a foster home where they were raped, fed drugs, and beaten.   Now, for the first time, we're hearing from the 12-year-old girl, Monica, left behind after CPS took her foster sisters out of the home.   She's the most vulnerable of the three girls involved in this horrific case.  Complaints and warnings about her adoptive father, Enrique Fabregas, span a 10-year period. 
But after the older girls got out of his house, it took a year-and-a-half and the Redmond Police Department to get Monica to safety.   CPS had evidence, including a videotape of him putting the toddler in dangerous places: a freezer, a washing machine, alongside a busy highway in a cow costume.
David P. Moody, with the law firm of Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro, represents Monica and her foster sisters said, "It's unbelievable why DSHS (Department of Social and Health Services) then proceeded two years later to license this man to care for young girls."  
Despite a criminal history for drugs, theft, and assault and that strange tape, the state gave Fabregas a foster license to care for Monica, by himself when she was four. Fabregas eventually adopted Monica, and took in two more foster girls: teenagers Estera and Ruth Tamas. 
Teachers reported that they saw Fabregas kissing Monica like a girlfriend at school. Estera reported that Fabregas had raped and fed her drugs since she was 12.  Ruth reported he slapped and hit her.  Estera and the other teen were finally taken away from Fabregas after he refused to take a sexual deviancy test.  His foster license was revoked.
Yet Monica, the foster child he adopted, stayed behind.  But even then, CPS forgot about Monica, and allowed Monica to stay with this pedophile, and he sexual victimizer her for 16 additional months. Redmond police confiscated hundreds of photos and videos of child pornography, and obscene images of Fabregas posing in women's lingerie, some with guns.  Police identified him having sex with two of his daughters in the evidence.  Enrique Fabregas is in the King County Jail, awaiting trial on charges of sex crimes.
You can find this article at, “”.  Type the words, “Multi-million-dollar lawsuit” in the “Search” box. 

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